5 Things You Should Know About Cartel Footwear

Here at Wasted Fashion, we’ve got the perfect boot for you. Based in Montreal and made in Mexico, the Chelsea boot from Cartel Footwear is becoming one of the most sought-out fashion boots in Canada. Cartel Footwear is primarily sold in boutiques across the country and has been praised by top fashion bloggers and influencers around North America. The brand and its creator, Davis Guay, have been featured in publications including the Huffington Post, the Vancouver Sun, and the Ottawa Citizen.

At Wasted Fashion, we are so excited to offer you three styles of the Chelsea boot. We are the only retail store in Fredericton that carries this brand. And with that, here are five things you should know about this Cartel Footwear.

1. They are made to last for years

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Cartel Footwear’s designer, Davis Guay, stated that his shoes and boots “defy fast fashion” and are meant to be timeless piece that can be worn for years. Not only will they last forever, but they will never go out of style.

2. They are made with real leather

The Chelsea boot is with 100 per cent leather, even the sole! What more can we need to say?

3. They can be worn with anything

Because of the simplicity of the boot, they can literally be worn with anything. Jeans, dresses, skits, shorts, you name it! You can rely on this boot to be your go-to footwear through every season.

4. They are extremely comfortable

Cartel Footwear is so comfortable; it feels as if you’re wearing an old pair of boots. Canadian singer-songwriter, Ariane Moffatt referred to her Cartel boots as slippers. Once you put them on, you’ll never want to take them off.

5. The designer is from P.E.I

Davis Guay grew up in Charlottetown, P.E.I and moved to Montreal when he was 18 years old. He currently lives in Montreal.

Wasted Fashion offers three styles of the Chelsea Boot, including the Rocha Black Leather, the Rocha Python, and the Sarandi Black Leather.

1 (https://www.cartelfootwear.com/collections/fall-winter- 2016/products/cartel-footwear-aw16- bootie-rocha- black-leather)

2 (https://www.cartelfootwear.com/collections/fall-winter- 2016/products/cartel-footwear-aw16- bootie-python)

3 (https://www.cartelfootwear.com/collections/fall-winter- 2016/products/cartel-footwear-aw16- chelsea-boot- sarandi-black- leather)

Matt Daigle